Smart Automated Pipetting System

New Automated PCR Set Up

The highly accurate and precise EzMate™  Automated Pipetting System is specialized in handling low-volume pipetting tasks. The highly uniform 8-channel Automated Pipetting Module (APM) makes it an ideal tools for fast, accurate pipetting. In this application note, we demonstrated a consistent serial dilution operation using EzMate™ 401 Automated Pipetting System.

Easy and Convenient to Use

  • PC Software: EzStarter™ can be mastered in one hour. No trained technician required.
  • Built-in PCR / qPCR setup protocols can be quickly modified and transferred via USB memory stick.
  • 1 and 8-channel, 50µl or 200µl, Automated Pipetting Modules (APMs) can be exchanged without tools.
  • 4 standard microtiter plate / tip rack areas and 2 reagent areas.
  • Wide variety of adapters for different types of labware.
  • Import pipetting commands via .csv / .txt format files.
  • Other applications: Sequencing setup, HLA typing, SNP detection, DNA normalization, etc.
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