Moxi GO & Moxi GO II


Product Code: MXG001_MXG002_MXG102

Moxi GO 532nm laser (MXG001)
1 PMT – 561nm/LP filter (e.g. PE, PI) – US Version
Moxi GO 488nm laser (MXG002)
1 PMT – User-swappable 525/45nm (e.g. FITC, GFP) or 561nm/LP (PE,PI) filters
Moxi GO II 488nm laser (MXG102)
2 PMT system 525/45nm (e.g. FITC, GFP) and 561nm/LP (PE, PI)


3 or 4 Parameter Next Gen Flow

Increase the pace of scientific discovery with ORFLO’s next generation Moxi Go™ or Moxi Go II™ Next Gen Cell Analyzers. With a one (Moxi GO) or two (Moxi GO II) fluorescent channels, swappable filter sets (MXG002 – Moxi GO 488nm), configurable laser the Moxi Go can be designed to meet your labs cell analysis needs. Every assay also delivers simultaneous cell count & volume determination, using single-use flow cell. This eliminates the hassle of traditional flow associated with cleaning, maintenance, clearing of clogs, cross contamination and occasionally replacement of bottles and tubes.
Furthermore the Moxi Go™ or Moxi Go II™ use very little sample volume, 75ul’s allowing you to conserver precious, expensive sample, such as stem cells. Cell concentrations as low as 10,000 cells per ml are possible, which most experiments would enable a little as 5ul’s of sample diluted in 70ul’s of PBS.
The Moxi Go™ or Moxi Go II™ can be utilized as an assay development instrument and many powerful cell based assays can easily be optimized and run on the system. These include:

  • Cell surface immuno-labeling
  • In-Cell Protein Quant
  • CRISPR/Transfection Optimization Studies
  • Up to 4 plex bead based ELISA’s using our new on board MPX Relative Quantitation Ap
  • In cell Wester Blots
  • Reactive Oxidation Species Experiments
  • Calein AM studies
  • Phagocytosis Analysis
  • Mito Potential Experiements

The Moxi Go™ or Moxi Go II™ come standard with an ultra-intuitive, plug-and-play interface with free OS updates as long as you own the instrument. No prior flow cytometry experience is required you simply just plug and play.


How It Works

The operating principle behind the Moxi Go & Moxi GO II Cell Analyzers is a unique combination of Coulter-style cell size determination with simultaneous fluorescence detection. As cells flow single file through the microfabricated single-use flow cell the volume of each particle is measured at the exact same time as their primary fluorescence is measured using either a 532nm (MXG001) or 488nm (MXG002) solid state diode laser with and with the following emission filters – MXG001: 561/LP nm (e.g. PE, RFP), MXG002: User-swappable 525/45nm (e.g. FITC, GFP) or 561nm/LP (e.g. PE, RFP), MXG102: 525/45nm (e.g. FITC, GFP) and 561nm/LP (e.g. PE, RFP). Thousands of cells are measured in the 10 second read time and the data are plotted in a gradient density scatter plot as Cell size (volume) vs. Fluorescence (PMT voltage). Gating is easily performed on the unit using a interactive touch display, and the resulting live/dead ratios are automatically calculated (depending on the app selected). The analyzed data can also be displayed as a two color size histogram. Total volumetric cell counts are automatically determined for each test by precisely measuring the volume of fluid being analyzed.

Step 1:

Select desired app, insert the cassette and close the doors.


Step 2:

Once auto-alignment is complete, open the top door and pipette 75μl of labelled sample into the cassette.


Step 3:

Close the top door, assays run automatically and results are generated in ~10 seconds. Note: Each cassette holds 2 tests. When Sample 1 is complete, simply re-insert other end of cassette into Moxi GO, and load Sample 2.


Data can be displayed on the unit in both a color density scatter plot and a two color size histogram. Simply drag gates using the intuitive touch display for instant live/dead ratio calculations and each of the gated volumetric cell counts (i.e., total population, live population, and dead population (Viability App). The mean cell volume for the gated populations is also automatically displayed on the unit. Results from each test are stored in the standard FCS 3:1 format and can be viewed using any flow cytometry analysis package. The actual Moxi Flow screenshots from each assay (dot plots and histograms) are also stored in bitmap format for use online. Hundreds of files can be stored on each Moxi GO and are easily transferred to a Mac or PC using USB on-the-go. No aditional software is required.

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