Luna-FL™ Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter




  • Dual fluorescence optics for the sensitive cell analysis
  • Trypan blue stained cell counting with bright field optics
  • Unmatched cell counting accuracy
  • Optimized for primary cells, stem cells, PBMC, splenocytes, etc.
  • Most affordable counting cost
  • Cell size gating
  • Interactive graphic user interface
The Luna-FL™ automated cell counter from Logos Biosystems is a quantum leap for automated cell counting and cell viability analysis. The Luna-FL™ automated cell counter gives you the sensitive and accurate live/dead cell counting results without limitation of sample types.Unlike immortalized cell lines, primary cells such as PBMC, splenocytes, neutrophiles, and stem cells have been difficult to be counted with the conventional cell counters such as Coulter counter or image-based automated cell counters utilizing bright field optics. Primary cells are often contaminated with the undesirable debris which can be mis-recognized as cells with the conventional cell counters.

Luna-FL™ is integrated with the dual fluorescene microscope optics to overcome this problem. Live/dead cells are stained with the green/red fluorescence dye, and the fluorescence labled cell images are analyzed with the accurate image analysis software.



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