Pipet Controller

A+ Pipette Controller – pipet aid     Internet SPECIAL – $195.00

Pipette Controller

A+ Pipette Controller is an electronic pipette controller designed for use with graduated and volumetric glass and plastic pipets. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and operate. The pipetting speed can be controlled by push buttons or continuous speed control regulator. The dispense can be driven by gravity or blow-out with push button. The re-chargeable Lithium battery is the most advanced battery technology available in the market. The A + Pipette Controller is self-inverted UV-resistant plastic materials enable the unit to endure short period of time of UV light.   Price includes charger and filter.

 Catalog # AP-100    $195





  • Powerful Lithium battery, no memory effect
  • Continuous speed control wheel
  • Blow-out and gravity dispense selection
  • Dangerous fume or liquid protective hole
  • Single-handed operation
  • Self-inverted on the bench
  • UV-resistant housing
  • Light-weight makes it easy to handle
  • Complies with CE and RoHS

Technical Facts

Aspirating/Dispensing Speed >6ml/sec
Filter Hydrophobic 25mm diameter, 0.2μm
Operating Temperature +10~35°C
Operating Humidity RH:0~85%
Battery 600 mAh/3.6V
Housing Material ABS
Nose Cone Material Polyproplylene
Pipette Holder Silicon
Nose cone, pipette holder and filter Autoclavable
weight including battery 167 g
Power adaptor 100/120/220/240V,AC-DC 3.6V with US/EU/UK/Australian plug