Automated Western blots

The BlotCycler™ is an Automated Western Blot Development processor that processes the blot through all washing, blocking, and incubation steps. All you do is set-up the system with the required reagents. Then, program the appropriate assay. After that, the BlotCycler™ proceeds with the assay. It alerts you at certain critical steps and when the assay is completed. The system requires no special reagents. Therefore, you can use the same reagents you currently use and significantly improve your results. Automation increases productivity and generates blots with higher signal and lower background.

In addition, the BlotCycler™ automatically saves your primary antibodies. After running a protocol, use Precision Stripping Buffer, and you can reuse your membrane up to 10 times!


How it helps your lab:

1) Automate blocking
2) Automate primary and secondary incubation
3) Automate washing

All of this can be done at 4 degrees for better specificity.

Proof is in the results!


BlotCycler Unpacking and Installation:


BlotCycler Programming:


Tray Exchange:

Improved Specificity of Western Blot Following ALL Processing at 4°C, including all washes and blocking.

Two procedures involving incubating antibody were compared – manual and automated. The manual procedure involved incubation of the primary antibody at 4°C while the rest of the procedure was performed at room temperature. The automated procedure involved performing all the processing steps 4°C using the using BlotCycler automated system.

Weight 26.5 lbs


Dimensions 16.5 × 13.5 × 13.5 in

Manual procedure – please note the nonspecific bands seen on the blot.

Processing with BlotCycler™ show no nonspecific bands for a clearer result.