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Worthington is a privately owned, ISO9001 Certified. primary manufacturer of high-quality purified enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids and kits for biotech and life science research, diagnostic, biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications.  Our reputation for producing quality products for all types of life science applications is the result of over 65 years of experience.  Worthington’s inhouse, full-service capabilities include initial extraction, fermentation, protein purification, lyophilization and packaging.   All processes are fully documented and traceable from raw materials through final shipment.

Popular Worthington Enzymes

Product Code Cat. No. Pkg Size Price
Collagenase Type 1 CLS-1 LS004196 1 gm $176
LS004197 5 gm $740
Collagenase Type 2 CLS-2 LS004176 1 gm $176
LS004177 5gm $740
Collagenase Type 5 CLS-5 LS005282 1 gm $212
> higher collagenase & caseinase activities < LS005383 5gm $890
To order, please contact Worthington Biochemical.  1.800.445.9603
Questions? Contact Beth Clark • Ph: 703.980.2606 • E-mail: beth@imgen.com
Collagenase, Animal Origin Free CLSAFA LS004154 1 gm $215
Collagenase, Animal Origin Free CLSAFB LS004147 1 gm $215
Collagenase, Animal Origin Free CLSAFC LS004140 1 gm $215
Dispase®, Purified NPRO LS02100 10 mg $68
Dispase®, Part. Purified NPRO2 LS02108 1 gm $136
DNase I DP LS002139 100 mg $88
DNase I, RNase/Protease Free Pdr DPRF LS006331 2,500 U* $40
LS006333 10,000 U* $144
DNase I, recomb, RNase/Protease Free DR1S LS006353 2000 U* $46
DNase I, recomb, AOF, Bioprocess DR2 LS006320 25,000 U* $85
*Note: 0.005 Kunitz Unit digests 1ugl DNA in 10min @ 37°C in 50mM Tris, 1mM Mg, pH 7.8 in 50ul.
Elastase ESL LS002292 100 mg $128
Hepatocyte Isolation System HIS LK002060 1 kit $395
Hyaluronidase HSE LS002592 300,000 U $175
Nuclease, Micrococcal (S7) NFCP LS004797 15,000 U $78
LS004798 45,000 U $175
Papain Vials PAP2 LK003178 5 X 20 U $77
Papain, Suspension PAP LS003126 100 mg $66
Papain, Powder PAPL LS003119 100 mg $80
Papain Dissociation System  PDS LK003150 1 kit $225
Proteinase K PROK LS004222 100 mg $80
Proteinase K    5mg/ml Solution PROKS LS004240 5 ml (100mg) $102
RNase A, DNase & Protease Free RPDF LS002132 5 mg $69
RNase T1 RT1S LS01487 500,000 U $126
RNase T2 RT2R LS01501 50,000 U $75
STEMxyme® 1, Collagenase/Neutral Protease Blend LS004106 50 mg $82
STEMxyme® 1, Collagenase/Neutral Protease Blend LS004112 50mg $125
Trypsin, Purified TRL3 LS003707 1 gm $215
Trypsin, Virus/Mycoplasma Free TRTVMF LS003750 100 mg $106
LS003752 5 X 100 mg $440
Trypsin, SequENZ™, Modified TRSEQZ LS02120 4 x 25 ug $64
LS02122 4 x 100 ug $208
To order, please contact Worthington Biochemical.  1.800.445.9603
Questions? Contact Beth Clark • Ph: 703.980.2606 • E-mail: beth@imgen.com

New Product Additions From Worthington


Worthington Elastase is prepared from porcine pancreas. It is extensively used in tissue and cell dissociation procedures…. read more

Hepatocyte Isolation System

Most traditional methods published for isolating hepatocytes use crude and partially purified enzyme preparations including various types of collagenase…. read more

Neonatal Cardiomycyte Isolation System

The Worthington Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation System has been introduced to provide researchers with a reliable, convenient, and consistent cell…. read more

Neutral Protease (DISPASE®)

Neutral protease (Dispase®) is a non-mammalian animal origin free (AOF) metallo, neutral protease, purified by methods developed at Worthington…. read more


Worthington Papain is purified from Carica papaya latex. This enzyme has wide specificity, and it will degrade most protein substrates more extensively…. read more