FLUOstar Omega

  • UV/Vis Absorbance Spectra– complete spectra or individual wavelengths from 220-1000nm./li>
  • Fluorescence Intensity – including FRET
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence – including DELFIA®
  • TR-FRET – including HTRF® and LanthaScreenTM
  • AlphaScreen® / AlphaLISA®
  • Luminescence (flash and glow) – including BRET
  • Upgradeable to Fluostar Polarstar Omega

With full spectrum absorbance and three other detection modes the FLUOstar Omega provides users with unmatched flexibility and sensitivity to perform any assay needed.  The FLUOstar Omega is a modular multi-mode microplate reader platform for flexible assay development and cellular analysis that allows versatility in choice of assay read out and detection mode.

Applications include

Ca2+ measurements (e.g. Ca2+ flux with Fura-2, Indo-1, FLUO-3/4)
Enzyme activity
FRET/BRET assays
Cell toxicity, proliferation and viability
Protein and nucleic acid quantitation (Bradford, Lowry, DNA, 260/280 nm)
ATP quantification
Immunoassays, ELISA
Luciferase, dual luciferase, BRET with sequential dual emission detection
ORAC and ABEL antioxidant assays
Fluorescent proteins, including FRETs, e.g., CFP/YFP

Key Features

Tandem Technology is a combination of two technological concepts – an ultra-fast UV/Vis full spectrum absorbance spectrometer, and high performance optical filters with advanced optics, light guides, and photomultiplier technology. The built-in UV/Vis absorbance spectrometer incorporates highly efficient optical grating and a solid state array detector that allows measurement of light intensity throughout the UV and visible parts of the spectrum. Thus, for the first time ever, a multidetection microplate reader is capable of capturing full spectral absorbance from 220 – 1000 in the Omega Series and PHERAstar FSX at a resolution of 1 nm. Unlike a monochromator, the spectrometer allows you to capture the entire UV/Vis spectrum of a sample in approximately one second per well – no scanning needed. There is no need to select which wavelengths to monitor because the entire spectra will be available anytime you wish. However, if you choose to reduce data set size up to eight discrete wavelengths can be selected and these will be collected simultaneously, similar to a full spectrum scan.

Tandem Technology enables researchers to use a single multidetection plate reader for all assays needed, including FI, FP, TRF, LUMI, and ultra-fast UV/Vis full spectrum absorbance.


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