DeNovix Spectrophotometer & Fluorometer Series






UV-Vis and Fluorescence Combined!

DeNovix offers a broad range of instruments for sample analysis utilizing absorbance and fluorescence methods. All units are stand-alone (no PC) and include EasyApps® pre-installed on an AndroidTM operating system. Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB allows easy connection and export of your data.

DeNovix gives scientists a choice of single mode or multiple mode instruments. Select the model best suited for your applications. Analysis options include 1µL UV-Vis, cuvette UV-Vis and 0.5mL PCR tube fluorometer modes.

Products from DeNovix

DS-11 FX and DS-11 FX+ Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer
DS-11 Spectrophotometer
QFX Fluorometer
FX Fluorometer Module
CellDrop™ Cell Counters