FREE Collagenase Sampling Program!

Providing researchers with the best combination of cell yield and viability is the aim of the Worthington Collagenase Sampling Program. The lot-to-lot variation which is typical of crude collagenase makes it important to pre-test a particular lot in many applications. As the world’s leading manufacturer of collagenase Worthington is able to offer the greatest number of different lots at any given time and can recommend specific lots for an application.

Under the program Worthington provides individual researchers with 100 mg samples of up to three different lots of collagenase FREE OF CHARGE, for evaluation in their own application. A period of 60 days is allowed for your evaluation during which a minimum of 3 grams of each lot of collagenase will be placed on HOLD, reserved in your name. When you determine which lot performs best for you simply specify the lot desired when ordering. The only requirement is that, when and if a suitable lot of collagenase is found, a minimum of 3 grams be purchased. There is no cost or obligation for participating in the collagenase sampling program.

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